Sewing Makes You Smarter & Saves Money

Sewing Makes Us All Smarter

We offer sewing classes for children because like all exercise and activity, focused motor skills and problem solving really does make children smarter. These same activities keep us all lucid and alert well into our late years.

Sewing Yourself Saves Money

Have you walked in to a department store lately? Gone clothes shopping at Target? Even popped into a thrift store? Clothes are EXPENSIVE!
I'm not saying I can teach you to sew a pair of denim jeans in a week. That first pair of handmade jeans may end up costing you weeks of time, countless supplies and moments of horrible frustration.
I can promise you though, that hemming a skirt yourself is cheaper and quicker than going to a tailor. I can promise you that sewing on a button yourself is quick, painless, almost free and much easier than going to the cleaners.

Sewing Is Fun

I have been sewing for 30 years. It is calming, relaxing and soothing. It is both an escape for me and a world to itself. I can do it waitng at a doctor's office, watching TV, waiting for things to bake, when I'm early for an appointment of any sort and whenever I have time to kill (which is seldom these days!).
More importantly, when I am worried, stressed, troubled or need to calm myself down, I can get out the sewing basket or crochet needles and lose myself in stiches, hems and pleats.

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