Can Children Learn To Sew? Absolutely!

Yes, Kids are Smart Enough and Have Enough Dexterity To Sew. The majority of children are ready to start at the age of 8 or 9, and some earlier. The younger they start the better if they show an interest and seem capable - like Swimming Classes or Piano or Karate Classes or Soccer - it takes practice! They Have Fun as they Develop their Skills - problem solving and just being curious. Children develop self-respect, confidence and pride from sewing by completing a project they they have made themselves. The motor skills they foster will be used throughout their entire life. And yes, some children walk sooner some later, some start talking some sooner some later, and some children will develop eye-hand coordonation and basic motor skill some sooner and some later. Let me help you assess whether now is the time for your child to begin sewing. It might be. It often is. It may not be the right time.

All About Childrens and Kids Sewing Classes.

Class Levels and Descriptions:

Beginner hand sewing

Young students learn the tools, technique, and terms on a beginner level. Like thread a needle, make a knot, variety of stitches, and stuff shapes. There are a variety of shapes that can be completed. Part of the learning process is the choice in shape, size, and color.

Intermediate level

After students master the beginner level. They will progress to more challenging stitches by creating their own designs. A student should be proficient at the beginner level before moving to the intermediate level. After a student has earned their way to the introduction of machine sewing.

Machine Sewing I

Step by step to learning the purpose of all those switches, dials, levers, and knobs on a sewing machine and higher level sewing vocabulary. By using skill specific exercises and practice to master the use of the sewing machine. A student will progress to the next level in Machine Sewing II.

Machine Sewing II

Students will practice exercises on the machine, and review stitches and turns from Machine Sewing I. At this level students will have more freedom to choose the project, fabric and other choices in planning their project. After completion of this level students will be ready to progress to the level next level in Machine Sewing III.

Machine Sewing III

At this level, students are ready to choose, plan, and complete their own project, fabric, and stitches. With the help of the instructor, the student is guided through the step by step process. Following the directions specifically is key, the instructor is there to help with any obstacles that the student might encounter from laying pattern out to the completion of the project.

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