Sewing is Smart and Sewing is Fun

Sewing IS fun. Sewing IS useful. Sewing IS relaxing. Sewing IS a blessing. Everyone can learn to sew. We offer Adult Classes, Childrens classes and Open Sew Nights. Join our friendly community of sewers and seamstresses in Ovilla Texas, not far from Dallas, DeSoto, Duncanville, Red Oak, Mansfield, Waxahachie, Cedar Hill, Midlothian and Lancaster.

Sewing is a Love and a Philosophy

About Me:

I began at an early age watching my mother sew. She would coach me how everything worked until I was old enough to try for myself. I began taking my first sewing class in the ninth grade. At fourteen, I entered my first garment in the Texas State Fair and received an Honorable Mention Award. The chocolate brown gathered skirt and a blouse with raglan sleeves and as I think back on it, I wonder if I ever wore it.

After I married and had a daughter, I loved sewing her garments and continually taught myself new techniques. I always wanted to expand by learning new things. Just like any skill practice is the best way to begin learning how to sew. You can't give up on a project that did not turn out the way you expected; use it as a learning tool not to repeat.

My husband and I have been in ministry for 38 years and due to an illness he is unable to pastor any longer. This forced me to look into additional financial support. As I searched for what God would lead me to do He reminded me of my gift of teaching and I wish to use this talent and my love for sewing. After completing the Trained Sewing Instructor Program from the Sewing & Craft Alliance, I will teach all levels from Basic to Level 3. I will begin to teach at First Baptist Ovilla children ages 5 to 10 years the skill of hand sewing. I will offer Basic level 101 on the sewing machines provided. If you have that machine stored in a closet get it out and give me a call.

My teaching style is low pressure, relaxed, unhurried, and a step-by-step hands on approach, however having fun as the students learn a life long skill that will be useful their whole life. There are so many possibilities for tapping into a creative essence - it can be an invigorating part of healing through creating your own project. It is a way to refresh your mind, soul, and body. Give me a call and let me know what you are interested in learning as classes form.

I am currently teaching classes at Jo-Ann Fabric, Cedar Hill, Texas. Come and meet new friends just like yourself with the passion to create something new. Discover a new quality in yourself as you learn a new skill. Let me teach you the skill of sewing not just how to finish a project. Classes are for anyone from ages 5 years to the young at heart. Bring a friend and register for classes now