We Think Every Adult Should Learn To Sew

Sewing classes for adults are tailored for all levels of sewing experience, from women who were never taught to thread a needles by their moms or grandmothers to professional seamstresses who are wanting instruction in advanced or specific areas of detailing. We teach both hand sewing for the inexperienced adult, and advanced machine skills. Singer, White, Bernina - it does not matter.

Our classes are group based but offer one-on-one instruction and personalized attention. We focus on your specific needs and interests and help you develop the specific skills you want.

Never Too Late To Learn

Do not be embarassed or shy if you cannot sew a stitch! Some of our students were never taught to thread a needle by their mom or grandmother. Sewing is often taught by example. With working moms and grandmothers who no longer live with their children and grandchildren, the art and skills of sewing are no longer passed along generatinto generation. But it is never too late to learn and it means nothing if you cannot sew. We can teach you!

We Teach All Levels and All Skills

For the experienced amateur or professinal seamstress wanting instruction in advanced or specific areas of detailing.....

We teach advanced machine skills. Singer, White, Bernina, Brother... - the brand of your machine does not matter.

I want to teach you to sew what YOU want to sew. I dont force you to sew a project you have no interest in! So yes!, bring a project that has caught your eye and I will help you complete it. I will use your project to teach you the skills you need, and at the end, you will have the garment or gift or decorative item .. or toaster-cover (whatever!) you wanted to make..)

Join a Sewing Community

Our "Open Sew" night is your chance to join a loving, friendly, supportive group of your neighbors in sewing. Whether you use it as an opportunity to set aside time to finish neglected projects. learn from others on HOW to finish your long forgotten project, or simply sew in a clean, well-lit, room with friends, "Open Sew" is a great way to find time for those fabric projects. Some evenings are dedicated to Special Projects or Charity Projects or Events. Some evenings are just a relaxed, casual, sewing time.

Class Levels and Descriptions

Our adult students begin their sewing experience, not with hand-sewing with needle and thread, but on the sewing machine.

Beginner Seamstress

Each student will begin with a brief overview of basic sewing tools and how they are used and terminology. Demonstrate how to use a sewing machine; by threading the machine and winding the bobbin. Point out how to set stitches (width and depth). Practice the touch of the foot peddle; understand how the machine works with back stitch/reverse. Learn the purpose of the different basic stitches such as; straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, basting stitch and topstitch, simple seam construction by pinning and stitching. Learn the importance of one way prints and two way prints, pressing & trimming of seams, when and how to interface projects. How to select fabrics that are right for your project, pay attention to the weight and the direction of fabric print. Describe the grain line and selvedge edge, crosswise grain, lengthwise grain and bias cut of fabric. How and when to use a different seam allowance. Learn how to choose the correct thread and needle size to work on your project. Explain different fabric weights require different needles and thread. How to select a pattern, read the back of the pattern envelope. Cover the how-to's and use the pattern instructions and terminology enclosed. Demonstrate the importance and how to transfer pattern markings. Understand the process of laying out a pattern, correct pinning before cutting the fabric. Understand the preparation of fabric before use.

Machine Sewing I

Student will select a simple straight seam project (pillow case, throw pillow, tote bag, etc). Review student's ability to fully understand the beginner level. Follow the directions with step by step instructions to complete the project they have chosen. Focus on proper lay-out and the steps to correct measuring, pinning and cutting to reach the students goal. Learn to read a pattern envelope and how to buy the correct amount of yardage for next level. Cover simple sewing techniques by following proper seam allowance guide, hand sewing, threading a needle and tying a knot.

Machine Sewing II

Select an intermediate pattern with more difficult garment construction and guide the student through the pattern they have chosen. Review student's ability to fully read and understand a pattern, follow the enclosed instructions. Step by step following the information on how to lay out pattern pieces, correct pinning, cutting and marking pattern. Learn the importance of stay-stitching to prevent stretching. How to mark and make darts in a bodice or sleeves. Create patch pockets and to prepare casing at waistline and insert elastic or draw string. Learn hem construction by hand or machine, apply trim such as ribbon, bias tape or lace, buttons, snap, appliqué and top stitching techniques. Learn different ways of creating lining or facings. Understand how to make pleats, gathers or to ease in a project.

Machine Sewing III

The student will choose more advanced pattern and garment construction with zippers, button holes, belts, inserting sleeves, create armhole casings. Experience the difference between tucks or darts. Construct ruffles or create your own embellishment using your own creative ideas. Introduce the use of rotary cutting tools and mats. Tackle a re-make of your own desire, decorate a t-shirt or re-make sweatshirt into a jacket. Use your imagination to the fullest as you desire to make or create and practice what you love.

Count your blessings. A whole new world opens up for those who learn to sew. Be thankful for the gift of creating with your hands.

Happy Sewing!

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